This plan is intended to guide you and your business from a to z which will create value for your business and make your business lendable for business funding. 


Before filing your business, your business needs to be organized.  Your articles, bylaws and operating agreement should be in place for the State filing. 

Classify Your Business Entity

Your business will need to classify itself by filing form 8832 or 2553 within 45 days of being incorporated. 

1. Do you need to get your NAICS and SIC Codes for your Business?

The business North America Industry Classification System code is necessary for all businesses.  The bank will identify your business bank account by its NAICS and SIC codes.

2. Do you need to do an Entity Classification filing?

Your business will have to identify its entity classification by submitting the forms to classify it as a corporation, partnership or single member entity.

3. Do you need to file your employee (W4) or contractor (W9) forms?

Your business will have to identify how it will classify its workers. W2 employee will file W4 and contractors will file W9.

Save money by getting your Business Forms Package

Save a few dollars by getting the Business Forms Package.  This package includes the business NAICS and SIC codes, entity classification form filed, and the worker classification form filed. 

Make Sure You Have All Business Forms before Opening Business Bank Account

Make sure you have your business NAICS and SIC codes along with your entity classification and worker classification forms. 

Submit Your Business Forms

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After submitting your business forms with organization, bylaws or operating agreement and ownership certificates to [email protected]

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