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Creative Solutions

Succeed Consulting Firm is a credible company that was established by Russell R. Thompson, M.B.A. Succeed Consulting Firm has combined experience of 20 years in business management and development.  Succeed Consulting Firm was started based on the absolute need for helping small business owners.  Our mission is to of providing a wide range of affordable business services and solutions for all business owner and future business owners.  Our vision is to service hundreds of business owners nationwide, giving them the opportunity to become better business owners resulting in better business practices.    


There are 20 Key Business Essentials that every business needs that has been ordered and structured by Succeed .  Whether you are a for-profit business or a non-profit business, it is important that every business owner knows and gets familiar with all the Key Business Essentials.  


What Is Our Niche?

Business consulting can be marketed in several different ways.  Succeed Consulting Firm offers its 20 different products and services through several different mediums.  Our 20 products are broken up into 4 category’s.  The Stop, Research, Plan is our first phase.  The Start, Implement, Develop is our second phase.  The Expand, Visualize, Grow is our third phase.  And the Love, Prosper, Enjoy is the fourth phase. We offer our 60 products and services in the form of online classes, group classes, seminars, conferences, webinars, individual services and package services. This allows us to be able to reach every customer at an affordable price range.  This allows us to educate our customers as they receive quality service.

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