This plan is intended to guide you and your business from a to z which will create value for your business and make your business lendable for business funding. 

STEP 12   


Now it is time to project what this business can do over the next five years. 


Your business will need to project the business in several different ways.  The business will need to project a 5 year, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. 

1. Do you have current or projected profit and loss statement for your business?

Make sure your business has a profit and loss to show what the business is currently doing, or have a projected profit and loss to show what the business potential for the future is. 

2. Do you have a current or projected Cash Flow Statement for your business?

Your business will need a cash flow statement to show how much cash is need to operate the business. Your cash flow statement will identify operating income, investment income, and financial income. 

3. Do you have a current or projected balance sheet for your business?

Your business will need to have a current balance sheet or a projected balance sheet to identify the total value of the business.  The balance sheet will also reference the businesses assets as wells as its liabilities an owners equity.  

Save money by getting your Business Projections Package

Save a few dollars by getting the Business Projection Package.  This package includes the 5 year profit and loss, 5 year cash flow statement, and 5 year balance sheet projections. 

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