This plan is intended to guide you and your business from a to z which will create value for your business and make your business lendable for business funding. 


Get your dedicated business consultant to guide you through your business start up so that your business is eligible for funding.

1. Get Your Dedicated Business Consultant

It is very important to have a dedicated business consultant to guide you through the process of setting up a business the correct way so that your business is bankable, credible, and fundable. 

Select whether you want to do the Succeed 20/20 Business Vision as a GROUP or ONE-ON-ONE.

2. Your Credit Monitoring

Your credit profile can be whats affecting your credit score.  Outdated information can cause a negative impact on your credit score.  Update all information to become  current. 

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After paying for your business consultation plan and getting your credit monitoring, submit your information to our secure document upload portal to start the process of cleaning up your credit profile.

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