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12 Step Process for Estate Planning Set Up

1. Estate Agreement Signed - Identifying the right package that puts your Estate in the best wealth position for the next 200 years.  (Within 72 hrs.)

2. Estate Payment Received - This will start the Estate process and the preparation process for transferring assets. (Within 72 hrs.)

3. Estate Verification Forms - This will allow our firm to collect the necessary information to set up the estate. (Day 6 or before)

4. Estate Asset Sheet - This information will be collected by our firm to evaluate and identify all assets for business, family, investments, and charity.  (Day 9 or before)

5. Estate Establishment and Creation - All entities of the Estate will be established and created for review.  (Day 15 or before)

6.. Estate Review and Notarization - All documents associated with the estate will need to be notarized either in person or by an online notary.  (Day 18 or before)

7. Estate Bank Accounts - All entities that need a bank account will now be opened for the purpose of the entity. ( Additional cost will apply.) (Day 21 or before)

8. Estate Accounting -Three way accounting system for each one of your entities. (Additional cost will apply)  (Day 24 or before)

9. Estate Conveyances  (All assets that need to be conveyed will be evaluated by our attorney to determine the forms and filing fees associated with all conveyances.

(Additional cost will apply.)  (Day 27 or before)

10. Estate Certifications - All Trustees, Board Members, Successors, and Beneficiaries will have to be certified to understand their role and position in the Estate. (Additional cost will apply)   (Day 30 or before)

11. Estate Workbook - This workbook will allow to identify and use forms to make changes within the Estate.  This comes with a USB.  (Additional cost will apply.) 

12. Estate Tax Preparation and Returns - All entities of the Estate will be given a tax preparation sheet to prepare to file tax returns for all entities inside the Estate.  (Additional cost will apply)

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