How does credit monitoring work?

Credit monitoring keeps a daily watch on your credit report for any changes that can be linked to fraudulent activity. It works by sending you alerts when there is suspicious activity or changes in your credit, making it easy for you to stay on top of your personal and financial information.

Why do I need credit monitoring?

Credit monitoring can help you spot inaccuracies in your credit report that could be the result of identity theft and negatively affect your score. Such negative impacts to your credit could lead to higher interest rates and even a credit card or loan rejection. Keeping track of the changes in your report can give you enough time to repair any issues that might be a factor when applying for new credit.

Monitoring your credit can help you better prepare for any planned big purchases and avoid surprises when you go to apply. Generally, it’s recommended to monitor your credit for at least three months before getting a mortgage or any large purchase. That way, you can ensure everything is in order and see what improvements you can make. It's also a good idea to check your credit after your large purchase to verify the accuracy and know the impacts to your credit.

What is the best way to monitor my credit?

You can check your credit yourself once a year by requesting a copy of your Experian credit report from Experian credit monitoring checks your Experian credit report daily for you and alerts you when there are any changes.

How do I monitor my credit report for identity theft?

Some red flags of identity theft include incorrect personal information, inquiries from lenders you don’t recognize, and new accounts you’ve never opened. Once you’ve identified the signs of fraud, you can quickly take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage.

Does credit monitoring hurt my credit score?

Credit monitoring will not affect your credit scores because you won’t incur hard inquiries. When you access your own credit report, it’s considered a soft inquiry which doesn’t lower your credit score as it’s not a scoring factor.

$50.00 PER MONTH / $500 PER YEAR